Private label

Biomart develops specific products that use probiotic additives with the brand of its customers through a system called Private Label, we develop with our customers all the desired formulation and assist in the whole process, from technical doubts to the layout of the product, delivering the product ready for sale, without the customer's need to have equipment and technical knowledge. We have a high production capacity and serve several agrobusiness companies. Come and see our products and services, because we believe that together, we can get further.

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1º Step: Development

We develop with our customers specific products with probiotic additives, we help in the choice of the products so that your product is unique and efficient, always seeking to bring high standard products to the market.

2º Step: Registration

We register your product in all necessary organs, check availability of domains and protect your brand with the PTO.

3º Step: Manufacturing

We manufacture all products in our facilities, we have a laboratory capable of developing products with high standard and end-to-end traceability.

4º Step: Marketing & Post Sales

We have a marketing team capable of creating solutions to increase sales of your products and technical leaders who can assist with training and instructions on the correct method of use, thus having a better relationship with the consumer.