About Us

Our history began in 1990, with the dream of undertaking and offering innovative products for the industry and the countryside, Biomart company was born.

We are specialized in biotechnology and have developed, over 3 decades, several natural products and solutions using probiotic microorganisms and always respecting the life cycle.
We are located in the city of Martinópolis (Brazil), 30 km from Presidente Prudente in Western Sao Paulo State, we have an area of 72,000 m² and we have a high production and supply capacity, we operate in the national and international market, being able to serve all types of customers, from small rural producers to large industries.


Create natural solutions that respect the life cycle.


Be the most important reference in the creation and innovation of natural products with microorganisms in Latin America by 2025, contributing to a more balanced world in the interaction between men and nature.


Environment, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Commitment and Excellence.


Build a legacy of harmony and respect for the environment.

New Visual Identity

In 2020, year in which we completed 30 years and following our values of innovation, connection, respect for the environment and the desire to develop the best natural solutions using microorganisms, we decided to update our visual identity. We are proud to present the new Biomart logo and slogan. Much more than a symbol, a representation of our purpose and commitment to what we wish to build a legacy for the next generations: Respect nature and always maintain the cycle of life.

What we do

Through hard work and experience of 3 decades, we mastered in developing a diverse range of products and solutions using beneficial microorganisms. We have a complete line of probiotic additives for animal nutrition, Inoculants for Silage, Urea coated with polymers and we also develop specific products under the brand of our customers, from formulation to bottling, with the guarantee of those who have customers who have become partners with years of loyalty.

Probiotic Additives

Probiotics are strains of living microorganisms that act as aids in the recomposition of the microbial flora of the animals' digestive tract, decreasing the number of pathogenic or undesirable microorganisms.

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Silage Inoculants

Silage inoculants assist fermentation, prolong the silage conservation period and protect it from deterioration caused by undesirable microorganisms

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Private label

Private label is the name used for the development of products with the brand of another company, Biomart develops specific products for several partner companies, from formulation to bottling.

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Protected Urea

Through proprietary technology and under strict quality control, Biomart performs urea coating, which is responsible for releasing non-protein nitrogen more efficiently, increasing protein synthesis and improving fiber digestibility.

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Política de qualidade Biomart

Quality policy

Provide to our customers with quality products and services seeking their satisfaction. Comply with applicable legislation and standards. Monitor quality management system for continuous improvement and effectiveness. Offer opportunities for professional and personal development to employees, stimulating their co-responsibility through awareness and participation in the company's activities. Seek and maintain environmental preservation through the sustainable and rational use of natural resources used in our products.

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We work hard to offer our customers the best solutions, always respecting all standards, patterns and the environment. All this work, led us to conquer several quality certificates, because for us our purpose is simple. Leave a legacy of harmony and respect for the environment.

Certificação BPF Biomart
BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Good Manufacturing Practices are mandatory practices widely recognized in the world's means of production for any production process.

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The IBD Approved production inputs certification evaluates the production inputs according to the standards of agricultural production, food processing and organic livestock, being intended for manufacturers, importers and distributors located in Brazil and abroad.

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The Food and Drug Administration is a United States federal agency responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the control and supervision of food safety.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standardization standard that aims to improve the management of a company and can be applied in conjunction with other operating standards, such as occupational health, environmental and safety standards.

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Come and check our products and solutions, because we believe that together, we can go further.